Dr. Toni’s LifeQuake Preparedness Kits



LifeQuake Offer Starter

  • The LifeQuake Phenomenon Book
  • The LIfeQuake Method CD (guided visualizations and techniques, downloadable MP3’s)
  • 3 reports
  • 4 Ask the LifeQuake Doctor columns

retail value: $89
online price: $49


LifeQuake Offer Standard

  • The LifeQuake Phenomenon Book
  • The LifeQuake Method CD (guided visualizations and techniques, MP3’s)
  • The pre-recorded 6 weekLifeQuake Method teleclass  (downloadable MP3’s)
  • 5 reports
  • 8 Ask the LifeQuake Doctor columns

retail value: $299
online price: $ 149


LifeQuake Offer Premium

  • Four Coaching Sessions with Dr. Toni Galardi
  • The LifeQuake Phenomenon Book
  • The LifeQuake Method CD
  • Moving through Change in Partnership (teleclass live)
  • The LifeQuake Method teleclass( pre-recorded MP3’s)
  • 8 reports
  • 12 Ask the LifeQuake Doctor columns

retail value: $ 1997
online price: $997

What People are Saying About Dr. Toni Galardi

“When your personal foundation is being shaken to the core, you need a road map. Look no further—here it is, The LifeQuake Phenomenon. Dr. Toni Galardi can take you where you need to go.”
Hyla Cass, MD, author of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health and Natural Highs

“Most people I know are resistant to change and this book can help you to understand and evolve. It explains how to increase your productivity and how to increase your ability to remember your dreams to help with change, which is amazing to me.”
Michelle Dunn, columnist, author of 365 Foolish Mistakes Smart Managers Commit Every Day: How and Why to Avoid Them

“At times I still find myself reverting back to my old ways of coping and resisting change. I simply listen to the CD over again and my intentions become clear and I get on track again. Some things come rather quickly and others I really have to work at. This CD makes me feel like I am starting out on a new adventure in life; kind of exciting, kind of scary.”
Harvey Strome- teacher -Edmonton, Canada

“How grateful I am for you and your 6 week provided me with the support and tools I needed during a critical juncture in my life..and the opportunity to have my own personal questions answered gave me the additional boost to courageously move fwd and out of my own fear.
Thank you thank you..”

Diane, executive in Los Angeles

“The LifeQuake Method teleclass was a profound journey of healing and growth.  With grace, humor and deep compassion, Dr. Galardi created a safe, supportive and inspiring experience.  I felt connected to her, to the others in the class and yet was able to maintain my complete privacy.  Whether you are going through a LifeQuake now or would like to avoid one in the future, this class will provide you the tools to navigate life’s sometimes difficult passages.  It’s empowering.  Take it.”
Randy, advertising creative director

“Dr. Galardi has amazing wisdom and special gifts that she freely shares with others. Since working with her coaching, I feel more empowered and in tune with my authentic self, have clarity surrounding my work, experience more flow in my writing, and have learned valuable tools for growth. She truly lives her calling to help others uncover and express their highest potential. Who knew that could happen over the phone?”
K.D. – professor/ Orange County, Ca